RO Care India Premium Partner

Brief about Premium Partner

RO Care India is concern about you and your business hence this time it came with a new business strategy for you. If you wish to improve your business, then contact our customer care department and join us as an RO Care India Premium partner. Under this programme, we ensure that you receive fix lead. This lead directly goes into your ongoing account. Find all the plans of RO Care India Premium partner programme

List of leads

S NO. Description Recharge Refundable security
1 2 leads/day (60 leads/month) 15,000 50,000
2 4 leads/day (120 leads/month) 15,000 1,00,000
3 6 leads/day (180 leads/month) 15,000 1,50,000
4 8 leads/day (240 leads/month) 15,000 2,00,000
5 10 leads/day (300leads/month) 15,000 2,50,000


Note: If you wish to receive more leads then contact VME (Vendor Management Executive) of your area.

List Of VME Team According to The State

Name: Sujata
Contact Number: 8510001997
Functional Area : Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Telangana

Name: Sumit
Contact Number: 8510077997
Functional Area : Karnataka, Utter Pradesh

Name: Savita
Contact Number: 8510065558
Functional Area : Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir

Name: Naveen Saini
Contact Number: 8448928186
Functional Area : Maharashtra, Uttaranchal

Name: Rohit
Contact Number: 7065021272
Functional Area : Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand

Name: Harvinder Pal
Contact Number: 8510099972
Functional Area : Haryana, Rajasthan, Tripura

Name: Vishal
Contact Number: 7065050072
Functional Area : Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab

Name: Ritesh Pathak
Contact Number: 7065050080
Functional Area : Goa, Gujarat, West Bengal

Term & Condition

For More Detail Contact our Project Head and Project Supervisor.

Project Head
Bal Mukund Pandey

Project Supervisor
Vedagiri Shailaja